Tees has a variety of Men’s and Women’s leagues available. Join an existing league or create a league of your own for your friends or co-workers. Our league play is a great activity that keeps you competitive, active, and social throughout the long fall and winter months.


  • New Team Format – Build camaraderie and relationships through a great team atmosphere
  • Online scoring – Up to the minute scoring plus league handicap and statistic tracking
  • Plus much more


  • Men’s League – 7pm start
  • Ladies League – 7pm start


  • Men’s League 6pm & 8pm start
  • Ladies League – 7pm start


Keep your competitive edge sharp this season with the 2016 Men’s Fall League Team Challenge. The 2 person fall challenge will be contested over 10 weeks and will feature a rotation of 5 different game formats to test every ability of golfer. The league is open to all levels of male golfers and you can sign up as an individual or sign up as a team and challenge yourself against other liked minded players.

10 week league running every Wednesday, beginning October 12th, 2016 and finishing December 21st, 2016.

Registration for the league is $250.00+HST per player.

10% off if you join by Sept 24th, 2016.

The Professional Staff at Tees Indoor Golf will track handicap.

$10.00/week for prizing.

Can’t make a week? Bank your score ahead of time and keep your team in the game.


Come join us at Tees Indoor Golf for the 2016 ladies Fall League. The league is 10 weeks of social fun, we guarantee you will always leave with a smile. The league is open to all levels of female golfers 21 and older. You can sign up as an individual or with your friends.

10 week league running every Thursday and starting in October 13th.

$250.00 +HST per person for the 10 week season. Sign UP before September 24th and receive 10% off.

7pm Time Slots available.

Handicap to be tracked by the Professional Staff of Tees Indoor Golf.

Season long net score prizing.

Can’t make a week? Bank your score a head of time and stay in the game


League play enables golfers to improve their skills while they socialize with other golfers. Play-a-Round Golf provides unique benefits for leagues not typically found at outdoor venues, including:

More Social Interaction. Joining a league at Tee’s enables up to 20 people to golf together-literally on the same hole, at the same time, and in the same area-providing much more social interaction and opportunity for fun than at an outdoor course.

Playing a New Course Every Week. From the ocean in Florida to the pot bunkers in Scotland, the scenery changes every week. With over 30 courses to choose from you will never get bored playing the same course.

Convenient for Everyone. Should a person not be able to attend on the regular league day, arrangements can be made to make up that round for that week. Here at Tee’s we like to call that a “Golf-Off”.

Host Your League or Join One of Ours. Any business, organization, or group can host their own league weekly during the morning, afternoon, or evening. House leagues are open to anyone to enjoy the camaraderie and fun of improving golf skills while socializing with other golf enthusiasts.

Any Level of Golfer Can Play. At Tee’s we have administered our own indoor Handi-cap system for fair play. All golfers are on level playing field whether they are a beginner or more advanced player.

How it Works. You bring your full set of clubs with you every week. It takes approximately 2 hours to play 9 holes. You hit a real golf ball into a screen which will then simulate how far the ball flew. The Aboutgolf simulator, number one in the world, will simulate every shot golf has to offer from Driving, Chipping to Putting.